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In this post, we review what you need to do to maintain your window air conditioner and stay cool all summer for years to come.

If your home or apartment didn’t come with central air then it’s likely you’ve installed window air conditioner units to stay cool during those hot and humid summer nights in Chicagoland.

Installing central air into a home without one is a challenge but placing an AC unit in your window is easy for most people.

Once you have your window air conditioner, you don’t just “set it and forget it”. Like the rest of your home, it’s going to need occasional maintenance to keep running efficiently.


How to maintain your window air conditioner

Early season maintenance

Programmable thermostatEvery spring, or early summer, it is time to get your window AC ready for the upcoming hot days.

  • Remove the cover of your window unit, or take it out of storage.
  • Check the unit for insects, small animals or nests.
  • Make sure it is unplugged, remove the front cover and remove the air conditioning unit from its mounting frame.
  • Vacuum out the condenser coils with a soft brush attachment.
  • Check the condenser coil for bent cooling fins. If several fins are bent, straighten them with a coil fin comb.
  • Inspect the foam air filter for dirt or damage. If the filter is dirty, wash it out with dish soap and water and let it dry before reinstalling it. Replace the filter if it is ripped or in poor condition.
  • Place the unit back into the frame. Reinstall the cover and plug the unit in again.

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Ongoing maintenance

Maintenace for your unit throughout the season.

  • Check the filter each month.
  • Re-clean the filter as needed.
  • Check the water pan on the inside of the unit, and clean as needed.
  • Inspect cooling coils for frost or ice buildup.


When the season is over

  • Perform all your ongoing maintenance steps so that when you put the unit away for the winter, it is as clean as possible.
  • We recommend storing your air conditioner inside if possible. They are best stored in an attic, basement or utility room.


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