Furnace repair…get ready for winter

Furnace repair may be something you need to start thinking about ahead of the winter season. The best way to get your furnace ready for winter is to start early. Safety should remove anything stored near the furnace, especially any flammable items like cardboard boxes of old clothes. Also, check the exhaust flue outdoors [...]

Air quality: Healthy Lung Month

Air quality is a hit this month. October is Healthy Lung Month! A Climate Services is here to help with improving and keeping your indoor air quality clean. According to the American Lung Association, clean air is essential for healthy lungs. A Climate Services & Systems, Inc. has been providing Warrenville, IL and surrounding areas [...]

AC companies…HVAC cleaning info!

A Climate Services & Systems, Inc. is one of many "AC companies," but has stood out by providing Warrenville, IL and surrounding areas with experienced HVAC services for almost 30 years. AC companies have knowledge on HVAC cleaning and it goes a long way. We did some research on National Air Duct Cleaners Association's (NADCA) [...]


Air quality tips for indoors

Indoor air quality is the quality of the indoor air you breathe. The right indoor air system can help with your indoor air quality. Consider that the average home generates 40 pounds of dust for every 1500 square feet of space. It is simply impossible to remove enough of the material by hand to make [...]